Guidelines for receiving barrels

Check barrels delivered (quantities, barrel manufacturers) against details on the order and in the presence of the trans-port company.

In instances of defects (physical state...) found and liable to have been connected with the transport, it is indispensable to indicate reservations in writing on the delivery receipt of the transport company and notify H&A Network as quickly as possible. No claim notified to H&A Network later than 48 hours after delivery can be accepted by the transport company.

In addition, the following operations are equally vital:

  • Remove the film and safety tape
  • Eliminate SO2 by rinsing (see Recommendations for use of used barrels)
  • Check for the absence of suspect odors in the barrels after evaporation of the humidity
  • Check for the absence of foreign bodies in the interior of the barrel

In instances of suspect odors detected after the evaporation of the humidity use cleaning protocol 2. If the odors persist, contact H&A Network.

H&A Network's Quality Department takes care to check each order to ensure it corresponds exactly to its customers' requirements.

Any reservation concerning the sanitary state of the barrels must reach H&A Network's Quality Department within one week. H&A Network cannot be held responsible for any possible deviations or contaminations beyond this period.

Recommendations for use of used barrels

H&A Network guarantees the origin, the traceability and approval of the barrels. H&A Network does not under any circumstances sell barrels ready for use. The final user must observe the following indications before filling with wine.

Immediate use:

Lengthy transport and prolonged storage can cause dehydration. Wood is a living material and, under some conditions (heat, dry air, draughts), its humidity can vary.

Filling your barrels with water before use will ensure the quality of barrels purchased:

Using hot water:

  1. Position the barrel vertically and pour 20 liters of hot non-chlorinated water at 75 to 90°C into it.
  2. Replace the bung and shake the barrel for several minutes in order to wet the whole of the inside.
  3. Leave the barrel upright 4 to 12 hours.
  4. Turn the barrel over onto the other end and leave it for 4 to 12 hours.
  5. Drain the barrel the with the bung hole open underneath the barrel.

If any leaks appear and remain after these operations please follow the water filling procedure below.

Using cold water:

  1. Position the barrel horizontally with the bung hole uppermost and fill it with cold non-chlorinated water.
  2. eplace the bung and leave the barrel full of water for 24 to 48 hours.
  3. Drain the barrel with the bung hole open underneath the barrel.

If any leaks appear and last longer than 24 hours you should contact H&A Network.

f barrels are not filled with wine within 8 days of receipt the purchaser becomes solely responsible for their storage and maintenance conditions.

Later use:

If the barrels are not used as soon as they are delivered and they are stored:

  1. Put the barrels in a location with a temperature below 17°C and relative air humidity of 65 to 75% free from draughts to maintain the moisture within the wood.
  2. Check SO2 levels regularly.
  3. Burn a 5 to 10gm sulphur wick in each barrel every 3 to 4 weeks.